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Green Lakes

An Block-chain based Managed Farmland

Whether you are craving an escape from city turmoil or Yearning for the tranquility of wide-open spaces, away from the chaos, we have got you covered. Step into our meticulously nurtured haven. 

Unlock Your Eco-Heaven

Where Sustainable Dreams Flourish 

Just Moments from Bangalore

Clear Title Assurance

106% Value Surge

31+ Luxury Amenities

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Serene Water Canal

What will you get?

An expanse that mesmerizes like an artist’s canvas. Enjoy flourishing farmland bathed in golden sunlight, the place which invites you to dream.

A slice of eco-conscious paradise wrapped in the scent of fresh earth

Gain access to sustainable living experts who whisper wisdom.

A canvas for your organic harvest dreams, painted in vibrant hues


Once you’re captivated by our farmland, parting away will feel like you’re loosing a part of your essence

Who is this farmland for?

Claim your ticket to an eco-paradise nestled within Bangalore’s embrace—a blend of affordability and environmental consciousness.

Tailored for Aarti’s hunger for nature,
Raj’s craving for tech-infused escapes, Anand’s aspirations for homestead dreams,
Meera’s aspirations for weekend harvests, and Ramesh’s vision of an eco-conscious retiree haven.

Still not sure is this farmland for you?

Feel the serenity first hand! Schedule a visit and witness the eco-friendly haven yourself.  

Embark on a transformative journey with our expert-guide in sustainable living and the artistry of organic farming, sculpted to craft your personalized 

eco-living haven

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Is The Green Lakes Farm Located?

The Green Lakes Farmhouse is located on the Bangalore Doddaballapur- Hosahalli Road, which is approximately an hour drive from Bangalore palace.

The Green Lakes Farmhouse is located on the Bangalore Doddaballapur- Hosahalli Road, which is approximately an hour drive from Bangalore palace. wait maa hai

Yes, Now anybody can purchase agricultural land in Karnataka. Govt of Karnataka has removed section 79A, 79B, which restricted non-farmers from buying agricultural land

The minimum area of the plot will be 5 Guntas (5445 Sqft) or a quarter acre.

The farmland is surrounded by many water sources; lakes and water streams. The entire stretch of land has water streams and a good ground water table. The bore well acts as the source of water for the farming and domestic uses.

Once you decide to buy a particular plot, we charge 10% of the total amount as booking fee/charge. After that we give you 35-day time to register the property. Meanwhile we apply for 11E, which may take up to two week

Whilst you stay in your cottages, Green Lakes will facilitate all secure measures with a 24/7 operation setup, with all security.

About the Community

Join a vibrant circle of nature guardians, sustainability visionaries, and kindred spirits embracing eco-renaissance living, where every breath whispers of green dreams.

Your Golden Visa to an eco-luxurious lifestyle awaits.

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